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Designer Dining Chairs

Designer Dining chairs look great in any interior. Whether you have a large dining room or a separate dining area in the kitchen, the dining table is usually the centre of any family home. It's used for special occasions, such as dinner parties, a family Christmas meal or a romantic meal with a partner, but also for every-day weekday dinners, so as well as looking great, you need to ensure that your chairs are comfortable too.

Our Designer Dining chairs look great and suits any interior. They are also extremely comfortable. There's are several style and material choices and you can easily match them with our dining tables. Don't forget that we ship worldwide and also offer free delivery within the UK! Our most popular and comfortable dining chair is the DQ10 Wooden Dining Chair but we have several other dining chairs to suit any interior. If you are unsure of what to get, please see our guide below.

Formal Chairs

If your dining room has a more formal style, look for a high back, upholstered chair. Although bear in mind that a high back chair will visually take up more space, so may not be suitable for a small dining room.

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs are designed with your comfort in mind. We recommend the Copine Upholstered Chair by Sean Dix, which goes great with the Copine Dining Table.

Wooden Chairs

A Wooden Dining Chair is a great choice as it's both durable and functional. They will suit any traditional interior. The Spindle Chair by Sean Dix comes in a choice of wood and won't take up a lot of space around your table. A great solution to a smaller dining room. 


If you spend a lot of time around your ding table, you may want to consider getting some chairs with armrests. We recommend the Chom Chom Chair, by Sean Dix. Whether you want armchairs all around your table, or just one at each end, you have to consider the space. If space is tight, then go for chairs without arms.

Other Things to Consider

The most imprtant things to consider when buying a chair is:

1. Quality and comfort. You are going to sit on them every day, so they need to be comfortable, as well as durable.

2. Height. Ensure they are the correct height for your table.

3. Is there a warranty? Here at Designers Quarter we take quality very seriously, and therefore we offer a one year warranty on all our products.